Student Online Tools

SacLib Digital Resource


As you know our students will be taking lots of tests this year (SAT, AP et al). The good news is that the district has partnered with the Sacramento Public Library to allow our students to access the library’s online digital resources even if students do not have a library card. Students simply go to the saclib website (click on link), click on “Digital Resources” and a menu pops up to allow them to choose which tab to go to. If they click on the “Online Learning” tab they can click on the “Testing & Education Reference Center” to take practice SAT, AP or other tests.

When students come to the USERNAME and PASSWORD field they put sc and their ID number for USERNAME (example: sc60860860) and year of birth for PASSWORD (example: 2002) and they’re in the system. Students can then create a username (usually just an email) and password so they can save their project.