Report an Absence

To report your student’s absence, please complete this web form or call the Attendance line at (916) 395-5090 extension 506030. You can leave a message 24/7.

Read each option thoroughly and select the reason that best describes your student’s absence. Please note that office staff may call to verify as necessary.

Allow 1-2 school days for attendance to be processed.

THANK YOU for helping your student attend as often as possible in order to stay on track. Attendance MATTERS!

Early Dismissals


If your student needs to leave school early for any reason, you can have them dismissed in one of two ways.

By Note (must include): 

  1. Student’s full legal name
  2. Date and time of early dismissal (must be inside body of message)
  3. Reason for early dismissal
  4. Full legal name of person picking up student, if not guardian.
  5. Parent or guardian printed name and signature
  6. Parent or guardian contact number

Parents, guardians, or a parent representative (who must be listed on the emergency card or listed in Infinite Campus) will be required to show a valid ID before taking a student off campus.

In Person – John F. Kennedy Attendance Office

All early dismissals will be verified. Thank you.