Athletic Clearance

Athletic Clearance is All Electronic!


There are no longer paper athletic clearance packets.The clearance process is completely electronic at Be sure to upload your physical or the process will not complete to send a confirmation. 

Online clearance is required before tryouts begin.

Contact Athletic Director Dave Parsh with any questions. 

All Athletic Forms to be Completed Online
Follow the Instructions Below



  1. Visit Website: (from smart phone or computer)
  2. Create Username & Password (Watch YouTube Video Guide on website)
  3. Login to the site.
  4. Select “New Clearance”
  5. Choose the school year in which the student plans to participate. 
    Be sure to choose the 2021-2022 school year.
  6. For “School,” choose “KennedySacramento (CIF-SJS)”
  7. Select sport.
  8. Complete all required fields for Student Information, Education History, Medical History and Signature Forms.

MEDICAL CLEARANCE – (only form NOT filled out online)

  1. Print Medical clearance form from the website
  2. Take to physical appt and have it filled out, signed and stamped by the doctor
  3. Scan or photograph the completed physical form and upload to your athleticclearance account.

(If you cannot upload, please submit to the front office)


  1. Website will indicate you are ‘cleared’ (‘status’ will change to ‘cleared’)
  2. You will receive an email indicating the status of your clearance.