Student Support Center

JFK Student Support Center


Students and families who would like free supportive assistance, for personal, home, or school-related issues, are welcome to call or drop by The Student Support Center, located in C-3.

For more information contact our Coordinator, Christina Harris. or (916) 559-0920

Our Purpose

To support students’ academic success and social/emotional well-being.

Services Provided:

  • Mental health counseling (short-term individual)
  • Support groups
  • One-on-one mentoring (academic and personal growth)
  • Crisis intervention and safety risk assessment 
  • Referrals to school and community resources (including food, shelter, housing, employment, public assistance, health insurance, etc.)
  • Free school supplies and backpacks
  • Bullying, violence, and suicide prevention education activities
  • Services are confidential except in those situations when a student’s safety is at risk.

Our Team:

Coordinator: Christina Harris,
School Social Worker: Sangita Vakis,