Facility Use

Facility Use Permits


The Civic Permits Office issues permits for use of our facilities. Facilities available for community use include auditoriums, multi-purpose rooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, playing fields and classrooms.

Permit Requirements


Requests for permits must be submitted at least 15 working days prior to requested date, along with required insurance certificate, evidence of non-profit status, and payment in full, if applicable.

All groups and individuals using our facilities must provide Certificates of Insurance evidencing $1 million of public liability and $1 million property damage coverage.

All non-profit groups must provide a copy of IRS Form 501c (Certificate of Exempt Status) and copies of the groups constitution and by-laws.

Priority for Permits


Priorities for facility use are given to the following groups in the following order:

  1. School / District / PTA, PTO, PTSO Use
  2. Specific Joint-Use Agreements
  3. Non-Profit Youth Organizations (with Residency Requirements), Senior Citizen and Homeowner Associations
  4. Non-Profit Organizations serving the General Public (without Residency Requirements) including Religious Services
  5. Private and Commercial Organizations