Student Announcements
May 16, 2019

  • Men’s & Women’s Leadership academy is hosting the GET DOWN! A FREE concert only for SCUSD high school students. The concert will showcase various types of art and expressions from spoken word, to fine art, to dance with some special musical performances. Come see some of Sac’s very own hometown artist including Yelly, Mar Mar Oso, Soosh*e!  from 102.5 KSFM, Basivibe,  Consci8us, and many more! Come get down and enjoy food, music, art, and friends at the Crocker Art Museum this Friday, May 17th from 4:00-7:00pm. Students must pre-register attend. Find the registration link at @wlasacramento and @mlasacramento. Once again the link to register can be found in the bio of @wlasacramento and @mlasacramento on Instagram. 
  • Homelessness is a large issue in Sacramento. Many people do not have what we consider basic essentials like toothbrushes, food, toiletries, etc. If you would like to do something to help the homeless, please donate to Next Move Homeless Services. There are bins inside of the Counselor’s office where you can drop items off from Tues. 15th-Mon. 20th. For more info, look for flyers around campus.
  • Seniors–The Class of 2019–make sure you are able to walk the stage or receive your diploma! Please check with Mr. Campos to make sure you don’t have overdue textbooks or library books and get them cleared now.  If there’s any textbooks you no longer use, get a headstart in the textbook rush and return them to the library. Remember, “Can’t Graduate if you have a book late.!”
  • Be an ACE! Meet Tuesday May 28th to find out about Ladies’ Tennis in Mr. Teweles’ room, F-3, right after school.