About John F. Kennedy

Located in Sacramento, California, John F. Kennedy High School (JFK) is a comprehensive school, serving students in grades 9-12, in the Sacramento City Unified School District.

Recognized by the state as a 2005 and 2009 California Distinguished School.

The enrollment is consistently at about 2,200 students. JFK has an ethnically diverse, culturally rich, student body.

The attendance area served by JFK extends from downtown Sacramento through the Pocket neighborhood. JFK operates a college preparatory curriculum program on a traditional 55-minute class schedule, offering a wide variety of academic programs in a six-period day. There is zero and seventh periods for special class needs and student activities.

John F. Kennedy High School employs 100 full-time equivalent teachers, 3 administrators, 4 counselors, a librarian, 11 aides in special education, plus 10 clerical support staff. Credentialed staff members teach computer-related skills. The campus includes traditional classrooms, a Library-Media Center, fine arts facilities, two gyms, a pool, a weight room, industrial technology shops, graphic arts laboratory, handicapped student facilities, and multi-use computer labs.

JFK is known for its rigorous academic programs. Students may enroll in a number of college preparatory classes and programs that include:

  • Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) Courses that meets the UC requirements.
  • The Program in America and California Exploration (PACE), is a four-year college prep history and English program that explores these curricular areas from a uniquely Californian and American perspective.
  • Distinguished Math, Computer, and Science Programs
  • Criminal Justice Academy
  • Marine Corps Military Science Academy
  • Foreign Languages-including Japanese, Spanish, French, Latin and   Mandarin
  • Business Program-including business management and business computer applications
  • Family and Consumer Education- including culinary arts, and family economics
  • Industrial Technology- including auto technology, graphic arts, computer aided design and drafting, and Robotics.
  • Physical Education- including jazzercise, weight training, soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball, recreational and competitive sports

JFK operates on the fundamental assumption that all students are capable of experiencing success and achieving excellence through learning. JFK provides a climate that continuously affirms the worth and dignity of all students, while setting high standards for learning and behavior. The campus provides a supportive and friendly atmosphere where students and staff feel safe and enjoy good relationships.