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Fall 2019: Schedule Change Requests

As we build toward 2019-20, students are encouraged to submit schedule change requests as soon as possible. Changes, particularly those that involve electives, can result in delays and class schedule disruptions.

Schedule change requests for 2019-20 will be accepted in the Counseling Center anytime during April 5-10.

During the week of March 25, students will receive a print-out showing the courses they have chosen for 2019-20.

Class of 2020

John F. Kennedy High School Bulletin
March 8, 2019



Congratulations, Kennedy Robotics on their solid showing at the first competition of the 2019 season. The team brought home several awards including one for safety and a second for control systems, an evaluation of the team’s ability to design and program a system that meets the challenges of the competition.

This year, the World Championship was missed by a single match, but the team will be hard at work again at the Sacramento Regional in Davis two weeks from now.

Spring Concert