(a-g) / Graduation Requirement
10 Credits
Grade Level: 11
Grade Level Restrictions: 11th grade only

Prerequisites: None
(Satisfies the Social Science Graduation Requirement and the UC/CSU Elective “a-g” requirements)
This course will explore the major turning points of the twentieth century will be the primary focus. But other content will include a review of concepts explored in earlier social studies courses. By analyzing the Enlightenment we will see what sort of impact the philosophers of this era had on American democratic ideals and begin exploring the contradictions within our nation’s ideas of freedom in the new country. From there we will connect your study of industrialization on a global scale, subjects learned in your 10th grade class with the impact industrialization had on the American landscape and culture. America’s growth from a largely isolationist country to the world’s sole superpower will also be explored alongside the incredible costs our country sustained for holding this role. Additionally, we will investigate how the government’s role in supporting the poor and ensuring equality has changed over time.