September 23, 2021

  • Do you like K-Pop? Do you want to learn how to dance? If yes, you should join Korean Dance Club, A.K.A, KDC! Look for KDC’s table and watch their performance at Club Rush tomorrow! You can also find more information about KDC on their Instagram, @jfk.kdc Once again that is @jfk.kdc on Instagram
  • CSF (California Scholarship Federation) applications are now open! Please go to T5 for a physical copy or complete the form online by asking him / a cabinet member for a shared link. Deadline is September 27th at 3:45 PM, any applications afr cannot be accepted. This club is beneficial for those who are hoping to go to college and need some scholarship funds and community service to stand out in admissions!
  • There will be an informational meeting for any junior or senior interested in joining National Honor Society after school in room C301 on Wednesday, September 29th.  You must have a cumulative weighted GPA of 3.5 or above and be a junior or senior to apply.  Once again meet in room C301 on Wednesday, Sept. 29 after school if you are a junior or senior with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above and are interested in National Honor Society. 
  • Student Government is now accepting applications for active clubs for the 2021-2022 school year. If you would like to renew your clubs charter or start a new club, please email If you are interested in joining a club, Club Rush will be on September 24th!
  • Casey’s Corner will be open every Tuesday and Thursday during both Lunch A & Lunch B. We have Kennedy Gear, K-House Shirts and Class Shirts available! We accept card and cash. (New gear is coming soon! Should be here next month, so stay tuned)
  • First spirit day will be Friday 9/24 (same day as club rush). The theme is class colors: 9th white, 10th Black, 11th Green, 12th Gold. Rep one of the classes or wear Kennedy gear!
  • Attention All Cougars-If you are interested in signing up for the Wrestling Team this season, please contact Coach Ewing in room C-210.  Weight training and pre-season conditioning starts in October.