John F. Kennedy High School Bulletin


Fall 2019: Schedule Change Requests

As we build toward 2019-20, students are encouraged to submit schedule change requests as soon as possible. Changes, particularly those that involve electives, can result in delays and class schedule disruptions.

Schedule change requests for 2019-20 will be accepted in the Counseling Center anytime during April 5-10.

During the week of March 25, students will receive a print-out showing the courses they have chosen for 2019-20.

Class of 2020

Remember, if your student intends to choose the “senior option” (fewer than six classes per semester), evidence of college or work is required. This District policy is designed to ensure that students receive maximum educational benefit during their time in high school.

All pertinent information is available from the counselors.

Congratulations, Ms. Wallace!

A hearty congrats. goes out to Kennedy faculty Missy Wallace who recently won an “Education Matters” grant from the Schools Financial Credit Union. She was one of 17 out of 520 applicants. Way to go, Ms. Wallace!

Athletics Hall of Fame

The inaugural class of the Kennedy athletics hall of fame will be inducted on May 18. We are excited to recognize JFK’s many iconic athletes, coaches, and contributors. We will celebrate those who have excelled, gone above and beyond, paved the way, set the bar, and proven to be the gold standard for Kennedy athletics.

The following individuals will be recognized for their athletic contributions to John F. Kennedy: Clifton West, John Braxton, Butch Metzger, Jan and Joe Matisco, Michael “Yogi” Stewart, Jody Hashigami, Keith Frostad, Greg Vaughn, Ernest Lee, and the 2002 women’s basketball team.

For tickets and information, please click here.

California Science Test (CAST)

The California Science Test (CAST) is an online assessment based on California’s new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The test falls under the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) and takes approximately two hours to complete. We will administer the CAST to all seniors April 1-3 and 5. Students will be notified of their assigned test day by their respective English teacher.

More information about the CAST can be found here.

If you have questions, please contact Assistant Principal Buitrago at

E-Waste Fundraiser: April 6

Information is here!

Class of 2023

Should you know a future JFK student, Class of 2023, please encourage attendance at the Kennedy 2023 parent night on April 4 in the auditorium. The event will begin at 6 p.m. and include important regarding counseling, scheduling, and the transition to high school.