(a-g) / Graduation Requirement
10 Credits
Grade Level: 11
Grade Level Restrictions: 11th grade only

Prerequisites: CST – Proficient / Pass English 10 & World History with “B” or better / Pass Advanced English 10 & AP World with “C” or better / Teacher Recommendation
(Satisfies the Social Science Graduation Requirement and the UC/CSU Elective “a-g” requirements)
This course uses a thematic unit approach that attempts to combine present and past. Supplemental readings are an integral part of this course and are designed to enhance the historical framework offered by the text. Each unit poses a major question and several objectives for students to reach. Students are introduced to the most recent books on the subjects at hand and expected to analyze and synthesize multiple perspective on historical events. In addition to primary sources, students will use art, film and music to examine perceptions of American history. This course will emphasize the writing process and assist students in developing higher level written and verbal discourse.