(a-g) / Graduation Requirement
5 Credits
Grade Level: 9
Grade Level Restrictions: 9th – 12th Grades

Prerequisites: None
(Satisfies the Social Science Graduation Requirement and the UC/CSU Elective “a-g” requirements)

Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary course that uses a comparative and historical perspective to examine the languages, values, and voices of diverse groups within the United States.  Using the skills and knowledge under the Common Core Standards for History/Social Studies students will investigate the practice of naming and being named, the intersection between ethnicity, culture, nationality, race, and gender, and the historic, economic and personal consequences of oppression and resistance. Students will also learn how the social construction of identity is created, contested, and altered by historic and economic processes. Emphasis will be on African-Americans, Asian/Pacific Islanders, Chicanos/Latinos, Native Americans and other ethnic groups in Sacramento and Northern California.