(a-g) / Graduation Requirement
10 Credits
Grade Level: 12
Grade Level Restrictions: 12th grade only

Prerequisites: CELDT Intermediate or lower / Teacher Recommendation
(Satisfies ENGLISH 12 Graduation Requirement)
As the last English course students will take in high school, this course is designed to prepare students for the rigorous reading and writing that will be required of them in college and in the workplace. Students will learn a variety of methods and techniques designed to make them more insightful and independent readers and writers. As a class comprised of English Language Learners this course will help students become more
sensitive to language and communication skills with a strong emphasis on speaking, since many of these students are reticent to make mistakes in public speaking. With the course content comprised of many selections from world literature, the units are designed to assist students to understand culture, history and human experience throughout time and place.