Congrats Kennedy Robotics!

The photo is our team captain, 4488, Shockwave from Oregon. 1868, Space Cookies from Moffett Field, and 2073, Eagles from Pleasant Grove High School.

Kennedy Robotics made it all the way to the final rounds of the annual Chezy Champs in San Jose this weekend. The off-season tournament is known as the “best in the west” of teams and includes three World Champion teams.


Our team performed well in the Qualification rounds, earning the nickname Giant Killer for taking down the two top-ranked team. We faced down the host team in the semi-finals and earned our place in the final round.


We lost both rounds, but posted some of the highest scores in game play. Our alliance of 4 teams had incredible synergy and executed the strategy perfectly but could not outscore our opponents.


Next is Capital City Champs in Elk Grove at the end of October where we hope to earn our victory.