(a-g) / Elective
10 Credits
Grade Level: 9 – 12
Grade Level Restrictions: None

Prerequisites: None
(Satisfies the Electives Graduation Requirement)
Ceramic Art P is a one-year sequential course which includes Ceramic Art 1P followed by Ceramic Art 2P. This course is a prerequisite for Advanced Ceramics. In this course, students will have an opportunity to develop confidence and skills in ceramics production. They will acquire knowledge about the physical properties of clay, and increase their understanding of the possibilities and limitations of forming techniques, such as hand building and wheel throwing. Students will improve their skills in creating personal expressions in clay as they learn to glaze and decorate their artwork. During the course, students will acquire knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of ceramic art from various historical periods and cultures. They will also have opportunities to discuss, interpret and respond to the visual qualities and styles of ceramic artworks. Work outside of class will be required. This may include: research about a particular artist, style or period of art; preparation of a portfolio, ceramics project or materials; and preliminary sketches and writing in a sketchbook or journal.