(a-g) / Graduation Requirement
10 Credits
Grade Level: 11
Grade Level Restrictions: 11th grade only

Prerequisites: CST – Proficient / Pass English 10 & AP World History with “B” or better / Teacher Recommendation
(Satisfies the Social Science Graduation Requirement and the UC/CSU Elective “a-g” requirements)
This course is designed as a survey of American history from the era of exploration to the present day. It is a rigorous two-semester course and is meant to fulfill the same requirement as a year of United States History at the college level. The amount of reading and writing in this class is intense, and students must be prepared to spend five hours or more a week on homework. Students will learn to balance a massive amount of factual information with critical analysis of primary and secondary sources. Using a variety of tools essential to historians, the students will develop the essential skills of interpretation and evaluation to view single events from multiple perspectives, and present their own arguments based on their interpretation.