(a-g) / Elective
10 Credits
Grade Level: 11 – 12
Grade Level Restrictions: 11th – 12th grade only

Prerequisites: Advanced Art or Advanced 3-D Art / Teacher Recommendation
(Satisfies the Electives Graduation Requirement)
This course meets the UC / CSU (a-g) Fine Arts requirements. In this Advanced Placement course students create a portfolio of work to submit for college credit. There are three portfolio options for students to choose from: Drawing, 2-D Design and 3-D Design. This course addresses three major concerts that are constants in the teaching of art: (1) a sense of quality in a student’s work; (2) the student’s concentration on a particular visual interest or problem; (3) the student’s need for breadth of experience in the formal, technical and expressive means of the artist. Advanced Placement artwork should reflect these areas of concern: quality, concentration and breadth. *Students may be eligible to enroll in AP Studio as a Year 2 course with the instructor’s approval.