2018-2019 Club List
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Club Name


Mission Statement

Meetings / Locations

116 Club


Open Christian fellowship who hold messages and fellowship to support one another

Wednesday during lunch @ T5

American Red Cross


To promote and raise awareness for American Red Cross

Tuesday during lunch @ B26

Astronomy Club


To educate and inspire kids in astronomy and space-related subjects

Every Tuesday at lunch

Black Students Union


Promote cultural events, education, college, leadership, and community service. Engage in events/campaigns that support racial justice and equality

Friday every other week at lunch

C/O 2019


Raise money and organize events for class of 2019

 Student Government

C/O 2020


Raise money and organize events for class of 2020

 Student Government

C/O 2021


Raise money and organize events for class of 2021

Student Government

C/O 2022

C. Vue

Raise money and organize events for class of 2022

Student  Government

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)


Scholars for service

Second Tuesday of every month after school in auditorium

Camping and Hiking Club


Our mission is to introduce and maintain a relationship with the outdoors


Chinese Cultural Club


To broaden and promote Kennedys view of different Chinese cultural festivals

Friday every other week during lunch

Club Culture


To educate on pop/school culture


Club H.E.R.O.


Students who talk about politics and teen problems that are often neglected

Wednesday. B28 at lunch

Club Rock


To provide rock and roll to the masses

Every Tuesday, room B15,

Club Smile


Focusing on positive and humanistic psychology. To foster positive mental processes for personal development in students. Club smile is embarking on an ambitious plan to provide on campus resources for our school community.

Every Thursday in c314 @ lunch

Club W.A.N.D.


Focused on creating positive social relationships on campus


Cosplay Club


Teaching what cosplay is all about, dressing up, do crafts, presentations, and potlucks


Cougar Sporting Clays Club


Our mission is to promote and further the spirit of sporting clays through education, participation, and opportunities to perform the sport.

Twice a month in counselors’ office at lunch

Cougar Tracks Club

Stidger, Stanton

Will promote interactions between general and special education students and facilitate student involvement in school and community activities. To facilitate social skills and provide opportunities to practice social skills.

Friday 6th period in D3

Criminal Justice Academy


Support the activities of the criminal justice academy

Thursday b10 lunch

Friday Night Live


Friday night live builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities

Thursday, lunch. C311

Gaming Club


To help students learn about video games and gaming

Fridays at lunch in room C217

Garden Club


Learn about agriculture, team work, and sustainability,

Wednesday E6 @ 3:20

Hmong Club


Promote Hmong culture and diversity to all students at JFK

Wednesdays C216 and lunch



Student and youth take action through community and international service, discover new cultures and promote international understanding as global citizens, develop skills to become school and community leaders, make friends locally and globally, and have fun while recognizing the importance of service about self.

Thursdays at C217 at lunch

Japanese Culture Club


To enlighten those who are unaware of Japanese culture (not anime) and also for those who enjoy anything Japanese. To form a group of people who wish to go to Japan this summer.


Jenga Club


To spread the joy of the glorious game of Jenga and to promote comradery amongst its enthusiast

Friday, T12 at lunch

JFK Girls United


The goal is to educate and inform students on issues surrounding women in modern society.

Monday during lunch @ B28

Kennedy Fishing Club


Our mission is to promotes and provide fishing opportunities through conversation, education, participation, and collaboration.

Twice a month C201 at lunch

Key Club


We serve the community and raise money to donate for non-profit organizations.

Friday, cafeteria, 3:30

Korean Dance Club


Teach and promote a widespread pat of Korean culture, Korean modern dance, Kpop


Latin Cub


Latin Club aims to educate and celebrate Roman Culture and Latin. Within a safe environment, we will build a community of Latin students on all levels through playing games based off of Roman holidays, Latin trivia, and potlucks.

Tuesday C315

Manna Club


A Christian club that comes together and prays for peace and the safety of our school.




The purpose of mathletes shall be to compete in high school math competitions collectively called Mathletes,.

Tuesday b15 @ lunch




Wednesday @ room 210 during lunch



The purpose of mesa is to compete in MESA day, an annual competition for students to apply math, engineering, and science skills.

Wednesday during lunch @ b23

National Chinese Honor Society


To support and to encourage the Chinese community of students and parents at Kennedy. Also, to broaden the view of the Chinese image for members of the club.

First Friday of every month during lunch @ C207

Never Enough Thyme


Supports the students in the D wing in their garden/science endeavors. It focuses on planting seasonal fruits/ veggies and maintaining a healthy diet.

Tuesdays at lunch D4

Origami Club


Spread what origami is and entertain others with what amazing construction you can do with origami. Teach them from a simple crafting origami to something like the 30 pieces.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays afterschool at C306, and at lunch as often as possible

Philosophy Club


Promote and improve creative thinking along with expanding a student’s understanding through philosophy

Wednesdays at lunch at B15 except for every 3rd Wednesday of every month

Project Green

Louvet, Tran

Through our environmental incentives we make Kennedy a cleaner, greener place to learn and develop

Tuesdays during lunch in T3

Reflections Yearbook Club


To support creation of the annual yearbook by raising funds to support yearbook promotion, incentives, and basic supplies.

B12 first Thursday of every month, first period

Royal Cougars


Dance team for students that feel unwanted or alone

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30; Thursdays 2:30-3:30

Student Welfare Club


To pursue topics involving the school for the betterment of the student populous.

C314 Tuesdays for 30 mins to an hour

Students United

Mr. O

To insure students’ rights are met and to bring spirit back to Kennedy.

Monday V1

The Pottery Project


Supports teaching students in special education how to work with clay, the properties and how to turn a lump of clay into art.

Mondays at lunch D4

The Rainbow Coalition


A club dedicated to making LGBTQ students on campus have a safe place to meet, socialize, discuss concerning topics, play games and do art.

Wednesdays at lunch in D4

Tree Huggers Club


We are striving to bring environmental awareness to others and to help our community by helping it grow.

Every other Wednesday at lunch in B11

VIP (Vibe in Projectmove)


To help inspire others to dance, get to know more about their dance community, and to explore more foundations about themselves.

Wednesday C208 @lunch

We for She


To effectively spread awareness about human trafficking and domestic violence, as well as provide a safe atmosphere for peers to discuss prevalent issues and how we can combat these issues.

Every Wednesday at lunch in C304