Class of 2021

Senior Project Graduation Requirement Suspended


At the last board meeting on December 17th, the board voted to temporarily suspend the senior project as a graduation requirement for the graduating class of 2021.  As such, this year’s seniors do not need to complete a senior project to graduate. This decision was made due to the extenuating circumstances brought on by the pandemic. Many of the components of the Senior Project such as community service and defense of learning requirements are simply not reasonable at this time, especially given the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on many of our students and families and the amount of stress all of us are under. Under these conditions we cannot allow our seniors to fail to graduate because of an inability to complete the senior project.

We recognize the value of Senior Projects to our community throughout Sac City Unified and are not discouraging their completion for those students who may have already begun to work on it, but we also need to clearly communicate that will not be a requirement to graduate this 2020-2021 academic year.