May 11, 2017

  • Cougars! Sadie Hawkins is coming up on Friday June 2nd from 7-11 at the Elk’s Lodge! Tickets are on sale Tuesdays and Thursdays in Casey’s Corner! $1 for seniors, $5 with ASB, $10 without ASB. It’ll be $20 at the door for everyone! Even seniors! So get your tickets now!
  • Congratulations to the boys golf team for winning the Metro League title and to Jonathan Tanihana for qualifying for the Masters Tournament with a 72 at Divisionals!
  • Kennedy beats the #9 seed Pondersoa High School to move on to the Quarterfinals in Men’s Division 1 Volleyball! Next game: 5/11/12 @ Roseville, CA 7pm. Come support! 
  • On Tuesday, your men’s volleyball team defeated Ponderosa 3-2 to move on to the second round in playoffs, taking place today at 7 at Roseville.
  • Next Monday, the men’s golf team will be competing in the CIFSJS Masters Tournament at Spanos Park.